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2021-2022 Academic Information

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Information for Students

As we welcome students to the Hill for the 2021-2022 Academic year, every department on our campus is working diligently to make your ETBU campus experience as safe as possible. Each new and returning member of the campus community plays an important role in making our campus physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually healthy for everyone. Given the unique challenges of this year, please note the following academic plans, policies, and practices.  

Face Masks  Unvaccinated students, staff, faculty, and guests will be required to wear masks covering their nose and mouth inside buildings. Universal masking is required of all campus community members (vaccinated and non-vaccinated) in classrooms and in Chapel and other campus worship services. A limited supply of free ETBU protective masks are available in the Student Engagement Office and Sisk Health Services Clinic. Students should come to campus with their own supply of masks for their personal use. 

Hand Sanitizer  ETBU family members should maintain a personal supply of hand sanitizer. The University has hand sanitizer stations placed throughout campus buildings.

Course Instruction  Classrooms will return to full occupancy and a fully in-person instruction model.

Virtual Learning will be made available as needed for exposed, symptomatic, quarantined, and COVID-positive students. Through assessment by Sisk Health Services.

  • Faculty will start a Zoom session as class begins so that approved students assigned for virtual participation will join the class in real-time
  • Attendance will be taken for all students at all class meetings whether they participate in the classroom or virtually
  • Students must demonstrate appropriate participation through Zoom by attending class on time, selecting a location that is as free of distraction as possible (eating lunch, riding in a car, or sitting in the Dining Hall are not considered appropriate virtual classroom locations), dressing appropriately, answering faculty questions, engaging in discussion, and doing group work as assigned. Students should have video turned on while zooming.
  • Students will not be allowed to virtually attend class for the entire semester. Short-term approval for virtual learning may be made for students, who have been approved by Sisk Health Services.
  • Students will need to make sure their computers are equipped with cameras. Cameras must be used with audio muted. Attendance in virtual classes without camera will not be counted.