2013-2014 IFR Grant Recipients


Dr. Mark Miller, Associate Professor of Sociology | School of Natural & Social Sciences
Dr. Catherine Cone, Professor of Biology | School of Natural & Social Sciences
Dr. Jennifer Bashaw, Assistant Professor of Religion | School of Christian Studies
Dr. Laci McRee, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology | School of Education
Dr. Stan Coppinger, Professor of English | School of Humanities [not pictured]

Read their reflections on the semester long blog project, The Intersection

The Center for Excellence in Christian Scholarship exhibits support of reflection as a means to exploring the concepts of faith and scholarship by creating 2013 Intersection of Faith & Reflection Grant. This funding opportunity was issued to current East Texas Baptist University faculty members interested in exploring the benefits between scholarly reflections and integrating faith in their academic disciplines. Upon receiving this grant, recipients were asked to contribute weekly, chronological reflections during the Fall 2013 semester to the inaugural CECS blog dedicated to topics on Christian Scholarship. Blog entries ranged in topic from a general devotion or research related reflection to activities and discussions that take place in the classroom. Faculty were aided in this task by a $1,000 stipend and the use of a LiveScribe Pen. At the conclusion of the semester of reflection, grant recipients will submit a final paper detailing their reflection experience and present their findings at one of the Spring 2014 Scholars Forums hosted by the CECS.

Key Dates:
March 15, 2013: Applications Due
April 9, 2013: Grants Awarded
June TBD, 2013: Summer Seminar
August 12, 2013: Initial Reflection Blog Post Due
August 13-December 20, 2013: Reflection Posting Period
January 31, 2014: Final Paper Due
Spring 2014 Scholars Forums TBD: Final Presentation

Applicants should submit a 500 word essay that discusses why this period of reflection will be essential in assisting the applicant make meaningful connections between their discipline and their Christian faith. Explanation as to how this process of journaling and reflection will facilitate growth both as a practitioner and also as a means for overall spiritual development should be incorporated. Submissions should include all expected implications of the introduction of faculty reflection as a formative component of course composition and evaluation. Application essays should be submitted in MS Word or PDF format by email to cecs@etbu.edu and must be received by March 15, 2013.

Eligibility: Applicants must be current members of the East Texas Baptist University Faculty.

8GB Sky Wifi LiveScribe Pro Package
$500 initial stipend to be distributed after Summer Seminar attendance & Submission of Reflective Plan
$500 final stipend to be distributed at the conclusion of blogging project & Submission of post-reflective paper

Number of Awards: Up to 5 ETBU faculty members will be awarded grants in the Spring of 2013

Notification of Awards Date: April 9, 2013 | Announcement of award recipients will be made at the conclusion of the April Scholars Forum at 3:30pm in Edwards Governance Room of the Ornelas Student Center.