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ETBU Honors Application for Current Students

Section One: Personal Information
Section Two: Recommendation

Please include a letter of recommendation from an ETBU faculty member. This letter should be signed, sealed, and included with this application form. Letters of recommendation should address the following qualities about the applicant:

  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Capacity for creative and analytical thinking
  • Motivation to complete assignments
  • Ability to work with other
Information about your Recommender
One file only.
75 MB limit.
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Section Three: Essay

Write an essay of approximately 500 words in which you answer ONE of the following questions:

  • In Mark 12:30, Jesus declares as part of the most important command that "you shall love the Lord your God...with all your mind..." How does someone love God with all one's mind?
  • If someone were to say to you that there is no value in reading old books, what would you say in response?

Upload your essay below.

One file only.
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