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Sports Leadership (M.Ed.)

The Master of Education is a 12-month program designed to develop educational leaders within a Christian framework. The program requires 12 hours of foundational courses and at least 18 hours from one of the four tracks. Two of the tracks enable students to take certification examinations. Students pursuing the teacher certification track will be able to take one of the certification exams, EC-6, 4-8 , or 7-12, depending on their plan of study. In addition, these students will also learn classroom management strategies, curriculum development, implementation, and assessment, as well as the educational theories upon which these strategies are based. The second certification track will enable students to take the principal certification exam and prepare to serve as a school administrator. Students who already have a master’s degree and would like principal certification can enroll to take only the 18 hours needed to take the examination. The students pursuing the curriculum and instruction track will study curriculum development, assessment, and evaluation. Students pursuing this track will also develop skills needed to take leadership roles helping other teachers develop curriculum to better meet the needs of the students in their school. The curriculum will provide students information on current legal rulings and issues but will also expand their knowledge in theoretical thinking and current research in the field. The students pursuing the sports and exercise leadership track will be prepared for leadership roles in sports related fields.


Plan Of Study - Foundation Courses For Sports and Exercise Leadership

Plan Of Study

The courses that comprise the curriculum for the Master of Education degree were designed by the faculty of the School of Education to meet current United States Department of Education requirements as stated in the Higher Education Act, Texas Education Agency rules and regulations, Texas Standards, as well as area market demands. Students will take 12 credit hours of foundation courses and a minimum of 18 credit hours of courses specific to their chosen track.

Foundation Courses for the Teacher Certification, Curriculum and Instruction, and Sports and Exercise Leadership Tracks – 12 hours

EDUC 5302 Educational Psychology and Learning Theory

EDUC 5312 Research Methods

EDUC 5332 Research Applications in the Classroom

EDUC 5387 Texas School Law OR  EDUC 5350 Language Acquisition

* * International students will take EDUC 5350 instead of EDUC 5387. 

Statement Of Philosophy


The nature of graduate education is to foster an environment with the student as an active participant in the learning process as leader, researcher, and practitioner. As a result, more time is spent on the review of literature of the discipline with much of that reading being completed outside class. The activities of the course are more writing intensive, use case analysis, incorporate a reflective portfolio approach to authentic assessment, include an increased expectation of independent learning, and promote a search for outside resources to bring to class to inform discussion. For students enrolled in summer seminar courses, knowledge is compacted and presented in an adult learning, accelerated format. It is necessary for much of the student work to be completed outside of the weekly seminar and class learning teams also meet in extended sessions to complete the course goals and objectives. Students in both summer seminar and traditional semester courses will receive supplemental course instruction and faculty facilitation with online tools within Canvas

Graduation Requirements


For the Master of Education, there are 30 graduate credit hours required. Students will complete 12 foundation hours in education, and then the student’s selected track will require a minimum of 18 credit hours beyond the foundation courses. The teacher certification track requires an additional one credit hour course to prepare students to take the state teacher certification exams. This course will not count toward the master’s degree. Students must complete all credit hours with a grade of “C” or higher and maintain at least a 2.75 grade point average. Students must complete all requirements for the degree within five years of starting the program.