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College and University Leadership (M.Ed.)

The M.Ed. in College and University Leadership will give students a broad experience in higher education administration and leadership. Students will be prepared to accept entry level administrative positions at community colleges and universities.



CURRICULUM The M.Ed. in College and University Leadership is a 30 credit hour program consisting of 10 courses. The following courses constitute the M.Ed, curriculum:

HIED 5301—Governance, Administration, and Leading

HIED 5302—Higher Education Law and Finance

HIED 5303—Christian Servant Leadership

HIED 5304—History and Philosophy of Higher Education

HIED 5305—Fundamentals of Educational Research and Institutional Assessment

HIED 5306—Teaching and Learning: Strategies for Student Success

HIED 5307—Student Affairs Leadership

HIED 5308—The Community College

HIED 5309—Enrollment Management: Recruitment and Retention

HIED 5310—Academic Leadership

Statement Of Philosophy


The nature of graduate education is to foster an environment with the student as an active participant in the learning process as leader, researcher, and practitioner. As a result, more time is spent on the review of literature of the discipline with much of that reading being completed outside class. The activities of the course are more writing intensive, use case analysis, incorporate a reflective portfolio approach to authentic assessment, include an increased expectation of independent learning, and promote a search for outside resources to bring to class to inform discussion. The curriculum is designed as an ongoing 18-month program. The primary audience targeted for enrollment in the program are individuals who currently work in community colleges, universities, and high schools who desire to work effectively in middle-level administration in higher education.  The program has a projected initial class of eight full-time students. Instruction will be delivered using a hybrid model with the face-to-face component taking place on the ETBU campus at One Tiger Drive in Marshall, Texas.  Courses will be offered in eight-week terms during the fall and spring semesters and seven-week terms during the summer. The face-to-face component will be delivered through intensive all-day Saturday sessions with a web-based learning management system providing support for the hybrid format. Graduate faculty will serve as advisors to the students and as mentors for research projects. Students in both summer and traditional semester courses will receive supplemental course instruction and faculty facilitation with online tools within Canvas.

Graduation Requirements


For the Master of Education in College and University Leadership, there are 30 graduate credit hours required.  Students must complete all credit hours with a grade of “C” or higher and maintain at least a 2.75 grade point average. Students must complete all requirements for the degree within five years of starting the program.

Dismissal From Program


Students may be dismissed from the program for the following reasons: 1. Failure to maintain at least a 2.75 grade point average. 2. Earning a grade of “D” or “F” in any one class.