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Worship Arts


Worship Arts Minor Requirements

Completion of eighteen (18) semester hours in which six (6) must be advanced: 
Music courses – Six (6) hours from the following:
MUSI 3313 Leading Worship
MUSI 3314 Planning Worship
*MUSI 3315 Worship Media Technology
MUSI 3360 The Worship of God
MUSI 3361 Worship Music

Communication – Six (6) hours from the following:
COMM 2309 Graphic Design
COMM 2310 Audio Production
COMM 2311 Video Production
*COMM 3315 Worship Media Technology
COMM 3353 Advanced Video Production
SPCH/COMM 2306 Social Media Communication

Additional course options – Six (6) hours from the following:
MUSI 1308 Music Theory I
RLGN 4303 Christian Servant Leadership
RLGN 4306 Leadership and Discipleship in the Church
SPCH 3303 Small Group Communication
SPCH 4304 Advanced Public Speaking
SPCH 4305 Organizational Communication
SPCH 4309 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
THEA 2321 Stagecraft I: Scenery and Properties 
THEA 2322 Stagecraft II: Lighting and Sound
THEA 3302 Christianity and Theatre
*Cross listed courses may not be taken twice on separate prefixes.