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Speech Communication

The speech communication minor is designed to allow the student the opportunity to incorporate communication courses that will support his/her major program of study.


Speech Communication Minor (B.S.E., Plan II, Secondary Level Certification)

Twenty-four (24) semester hours:
COMM 1301 Introduction to Mass Media
SPCH 3300 Research Methods in Communication
SPCH 3303 Small Group Communication
SPCH 3304 Argumentation and Debate
SPCH 3318 Interpersonal Communication
THEA 4300 Teaching Theatre in Public Schools
SPCH 4304 Advanced Public Speaking
SPCH 4306 Seminar in Instructional Communication
Note: Other certification requirements are listed in the Department of Teacher Education Section.

Minor in Speech Communication for degrees other than the BSE

Completion of eighteen (18) semester hours in Speech (SPCH), nine (9) of which must be advanced.