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Public Relations

The interdisciplinary minor in public relations will provide students with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for positions in the public relations industry. Professionals in the public relations field find employment in industry, business, entertainment, corporations, sports organizations, nonprofit groups, school districts, universities, hospitals, government agencies, religious institutions, the military, and many other organizations in our society. Students with a variety of different majors could find a significant benefit from the public relations minor.


Public Relations Minor Requirements

Eighteen (18) semester hours:
COMM/SPCH 3321 Public Relations
MKTG 2324 Principles of Marketing

Twelve (12) hours from the following:
COMM 2339 Mass Media Writing
COMM 3308 Public Relations Writing
COMM 4302 Public Relations Case Studies
COMM 4303 Public Relations Campaigns
SPCH 4302 Persuasive Communication
MKTG 4321 Advertising