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Film and Media Studies


Interdisciplinary Film and Media Studies Minor Requirements

Eighteen (18) semester hours:
ENGL/COMM 2304 Introduction to Cinema
ENGL/COMM 3361 Advanced Topics in Cinema Studies

Twelve (12) hours from the following in which six (6) must be advanced:
COMM/SPCH 2306 Social Media Communication
COMM 2318 Digital Photography
COMM 2310 Audio Production
COMM 2311 Video Production
COMM 4301 Mass Media and Society
ENGL 4330 Major Authors (When focused on Film Studies)
ENGL 4340 Literary Genres (When focused on Film Studies)
THEA 1351 Beginning Acting
THEA 2315 Script Analysis
THEA 2321 Stagecraft I: Scenery and Properties
THEA 2322 Stagecraft II: Lighting and Sound
THEA 2323 Stagecraft III: Costumes and Make-Up
THEA 3340 Theatre Technology (When focused on relevant topics)
THEA 3358 Performance Techniques (When focused on relevant topics)
THEA 3359 Acting Styles (When focused on relevant topics)
THEA 3362 Scriptwriting