Update #2- July 25, 2014


The Search Committee is pleased to report that the search has been successfully launched and we have begun receiving applications and nominations.  Results thus far have been encouraging both in the number and quality of the responses.  The Committee met last week and discussed protocols that will be used in the assessment of candidate materials through the various stages of the search process.  We will be evaluating candidates on a rolling basis as the applications are received. 

Our AGB Search consultant gave us a report on their candidate development activities so far this month and previewed the work they will be doing to further develop the candidate pool during the month of August.  We expect to post our next report around the first or second week in September.  At our last meeting we discussed the tremendous importance of encouraging the entire ETBU community to pray for us as the search proceeds in this next and very crucial phase of building the pool of applicants.  I invite you to join us in praying for the Lord’s blessing on our search.

---Judge David Anderson, Chair of the Search Committee