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COVID-19 Library FAQs for Faculty

What online resources does the library have that I can use in my course?

he library has over 2 million online resources for faculty to utilize in their curriculum. To locate a specific title, we recommend using Tiger Prowl to search the library resources. We are also available for consultations with faculty to assist in locating resources related to course content. Please contact us at to inquire about library resources.

How do I request a purchase?

Please complete the Library Purchase Request form (

Contact Elizabeth Ponder, Dean of Library Services with questions regarding the library collection. Only digital formats will be considered for purchase during this time.

How do I link to library resources in Canvas?

See our guide for Linking to Library Resources ( We are also happy to help you set up library resources in your Canvas courses. You will need to add a librarian to your Canvas Course as a teacher’s assistant. This will allow us to post content in your courses for you. Contact Elizabeth Ponder for assistance.

What do I do if the link to a library resource doesn’t work?

Please contact the library at to resolve these issues. Provide the link you are attempting to access as well as any information about the resource that your professor provided (citation, title, database name, etc.). If you could provide a screenshot of the error message you are receiving the librarians will be better able to troubleshoot the issue.

Who do I contact if a student is having issues accessing library online resources?

Please have the student contact the library at Someone will respond to their question as soon as possible.