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Organizational Communication

The Organizational Communication minor is an appealing alternative to the broader speech communication minor. This minor would focus on communication in organizational settings and as such would incorporate management, marketing, public relations, small group, and public communication.


Organizational Communication Minor Requirements

Completion of Eighteen (18) semester hours:
Required Courses: Fifteen (15) semester hours
COMM 3321 Public Relations
MGMT 2350 Principles of Management
MKTG 2324 Principles of Marketing
SPCH 3311 Professional Communication
SPCH 4305 Organizational Communication

Three (3) hours from the following:
COMM 4302 Public Relations Case Studies
COMM 4303 Public Relations Campaigns
GMT 4353 Organizational Leadership
MGMT 4355 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
MGMT 4351 Organizational Behavior
MKTG 3325 Salesmanship
MKTG 3353 Digital Marketing
MKTG 4321 Advertising
SPCH 3303 Small Group Communication
SPCH 3309 Intercultural Communication
SPCH 4302 Persuasive Communication
SPCH 4304 Advanced Public Speaking
SPCH 4308 Communication Theory
SPCH 4350 Internship in Communication