College life is filled with all kinds of assigned readings, projects, papers, and let’s not forget tests! But this is only one side of the educational experience at ETBU. Through various activities, the students are able to experience life activities and develop their leadership skills.  

The Leadership Development sponsors several activities which provide students opportunities to practice leadership. Student activities can be found in the formal student organizations such as the American Marketing Association and Phi Beta Lambda (described later in this section) or through informal groups such as the dorms, athletics, etc. Student Activities allow leadership, group dynamics, and such to be learned in a safe environment. This is a great part and fun part of growing up.


 American Marketing Association


Being a member in the AMA connects you to marketers across all specialties to collaborate, network, gain practical experience and empower your career. You'll get industry knowledge and insights along with everyday resources that will help you in the classroom and beyond.


Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization


 Entrepreneurship as a field of study at colleges and universities across the U.S. and around the world has become a leading subject at the undergraduate and graduate level. With this increased attention, it is more important than ever to give students the opportunities to network not only with their student peers, but with fellow entrepreneurs in the business world to promote entrepreneurship at all levels and in all environments. And, this is where CEO comes in.


Sigma Beta Delta


Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society is for students in business, management, and administration serves institutions which offer baccalaureate and graduate degrees in business, management, and administration, providing recognition for a lifetime. The Society is recognized for honoring scholastic excellence in business and employers throughout the country will recognize your academic achievements. Sigma Beta Delta campus chapters can assist in advancing the career opportunities of members. As members graduate and assume important positions in the business community, they provide excellent sources of help and guidance for future employment.