Music Education Faculty

Dr. Kristen Bugos
Coordinator, Music Education
MUSI 2100 Introduction to Music Education
MUSI 3301 Music for Elementary EducationĀ 
MUSI 4201 Materials and Resources for Elementary Music Education
MUSI 4202 Elementary Music Curriculum and Instruction
EDUC 4335 Student Teaching - Elementary Music

Mark Crim
Director, ETBU Marching and Symphonic Bands
MUSI 2103 Instrumental Methods
MUSI 2109, 2110 Woodwind Methods I, II
MUSI 2118 Percussion Methods
MUSI 3207 Instrumental Conducting and Literature
MUSI 4212 Teaching Instrumental Music and Band Administration
MUSI 4213 Marching Band Techniques
EDUC 4336 Student Teaching - Secondary Instrumental

Dr. Doug Lockard
Director, ETBU Jazz Band
MUSI 2119, 2120 Brass Methods I, II

Dr. Justin Hodges

Director, ETBU Choral Ensembles
MUSI 2124 Choral Methods
MUSI 3209 Choral Conducting and Literature
MUSI 4210 Teaching Choral Music
MUSI 4211 Choral Music Administration
EDUC 4336 Student Teaching - Secondary ChoralĀ 

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