Admission Requirements

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Applicants should meet the following minimum criteria for full admission to all graduate programs:

1. Hold an earned undergraduate degree from a U.S. college or university accredited by a regional accrediting agency or one recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and CHEA (Applicants with degrees from foreign universities will have to undergo a transcript equivalency evaluation).

2. Have a minimum cumulative overall grade point average of 2.50 and a minimum grade point average of 3.00 in their major field of study.

3. Submit a recent score (within the last five years) on the GRE or GMAT for review. Students who have earned undergraduate degrees from foreign universities may be asked to submit evidence of a minimum score of 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based), or 79 (Internet-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

4. Exhibit good character, in the judgment of the University. East Texas Baptist University reserves the right to deny admission to any individual who has been convicted or adjudicated of a felony or a Class A (or equivalent) misdemeanor.

5. Be in agreement with the University’s mission.

6. Meet additional program requirements or criteria established by the applicant’s desired program or field of study.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

Full admission to the MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership may be granted to applicants who meet the University’s minimum graduate admission criteria, have a GMAT score of 450 or higher, and satisfy the program prerequisites. Program prerequisites require at least three hours of college-level credit in accounting and in finance with a grade of “C” or higher from a regionally-accredited institution. Any deficiency in hours must be satisfied by taking appropriate college-level courses or satisfactory completion of an appropriate course substitution as approved by the Program Director.


Provisional admission to the MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership may be granted to applicants who do not meet all of the program prerequisites. After reviewing all credentials (official transcripts, GMAT score, and other relevant information), the Graduate Program Director and the Fred Hale School of Business Graduate Policy Committee will determine if a student that does not meet the admission requirements should be accepted into the MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership program on a provisional basis. 


 Students granted provisional admission must maintain a 2.50 grade point average during their first 9 hours of graduate work to be eligible to receive full admission and continue their graduate study. If, after 9 hours, a student fails to achieve a 2.50 grade point average, he/she will be ineligible to continue in the program and will be notified in writing.


Applicants must submit the following as a part of the general admission process:

1. A completed Graduate School Application for Admission accompanied by a $50.00 nonrefundable application fee.

2. Official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate coursework to East Texas Baptist University.

3. Any additional program admission requirements established by the applicant’s desired program or field of study.

4. Applicants must meet all University and program due dates for submission in order to receive full consideration for admission. Once an applicant has submitted the required credentials, a decision regarding admission or denial of admission of the student to the University will be made in a timely manner.


Transfer Credit Policy

Existing policies for graduate transfer credit will also be followed:


Evaluation and awarding of transfer credit for graduate course work will be based on official transcripts from prior institutions after students have made application for admission to the University. The University accepts academic work from institutions listed in the American Council on Education publication, Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education, on the basis of a course-by-course evaluation.


Admitted students may request acceptance of transfer hours provided: 

1. The student has achieved full University and program admission.

2. The hours are graduate hours in the desired graduate major or related discipline as determined by the Program Director or dean, and deemed equivalent to courses in the selected graduate program.

3. Grades earned are at least “B” or higher.

4. The student provides the Program Director complete information about the course including goals, requirements, and assessments.


Students may be granted up to a maximum of six hours of equivalent transfer work. 


Graduation Requirements

For the MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership, students will complete a total of 33 graduate credit hours with a grade of “C” or higher and maintain a 2.50 grade point average. Students must complete all requirements for the degree within five years of being granted full admission.