"Accounting is the language of business.” Business is the combination of transactions and exchanges to which there are values attached which are recorded and described in the accounting processes. While many think of accounting as merely a numerical recording of these transactions, the management functions are strategically involved.


As students pursue their academic accounting program, they have opportunities to interact with professionals from the community and consider the various options for an accounting career. Integrating this with internships allows the student to learn and practice accounting in a professional firm and often result in a career opportunity. The need for Accounting students is one of the greatest in the business world today.




Accounting Concentration (24 Hours)

Required (18) Hours:

ACCT 3335 Intermediate Accounting  

ACCT 3336 Intermediate Accounting II  

ACCT 3337 Financial Cost Analysis    

ACCT 4331 Federal Taxation

ACCT 4333 Auditing

ACCT 4338 Governmental Accounting

Plus six (6) hours from the following courses:

ACCT 3332 Accounting Information Systems

ACCT 4332 Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting    

ACCT 4340 Accounting Theory



Note: In addition to other requirements, students planning to take the CPA examination in Texas must have thirty-six (36) semester hour specified courses, twenty (20) semester hours in business courses in addition to accounting and a total of one hundred fifty (150) semester hours of college work.