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Program Admissions RequirementsApply_Here.png

Full admission to the Master of Arts in Counseling may be granted to applicants who meet the University's graduate criteria and the following qualifications and requirements: 

1. Have completed nine undergraduateRequest_Info.png or graduate hours in the field of psychology, with at least three credit hours in counseling-related courses and three credit hours in abnormal psychology. Courses must be from a regionally-accredited institution. Any deficiency in hours must be satisfied by taking appropriate undergraduate courses. Substitution and/or equivalency decisions for prerequisite courses or transfer of any graduate courses must receive approval of the Program Director.

2. Submit three letters of recommendation.

3. Upon review of submitted materials, candidate will complete an interview with the Program Director and at least one other graduate program faculty member and receive endorsement for admission to the program. Interviews may be completed via distance technology or in person, and scheduling will be flexible to accommodate potential students.

Provisional admission to the Master of Arts in Counseling may be granted to applicants who do not meet all of the program prerequisites but have received the endorsement of the Program Director.

Students granted provisional admission status must maintain a 2.50 grade point average during the first nine hours of graduate work to be eligible for full admission and continue graduate study. If after nine hours, the student fails to achieve a 2.50 grade point average, he/she will be ineligible to continue in the program and will be notified in writing. The required endorsement may be granted following a review of all relevant factors and when, in the judgment of the Program Director, there is sufficient evidence to clearly suggest the potential for success in a graduate-level program. An interview may be required at the discretion of the Program Director.

Application Process and Financial Aid

Application Process

  1. Submit application.
  2. As requested by the Admissions office, submit required items and official transcripts.
  3. Financial Aid is available to graduate students, and ETBU's Admissions Office will discuss options and application with you!
  4. You will be contacted by the counseling program's Program Director to provide letters of recommendation and to schedule an interview.
  5. Upon review of the submitted materials and completion of the interview, you will receive decision on your admission status generally to the university and specifically to the graduate program.


If you have questions about the application and financial aid process, our Graduate Studies webpage is very helpful!

The Office of Admissions is always willing to help! Feel free to contact them at 903-923-2000.

Also, feel free to contact the counseling program directly at or 903-923-2095!

You can also follow us on Facebook and ask questions there!