Chemistry and Physics

Dr. Roy Darville, Chair


The Chemistry Program offers a major and minor in chemistry and a physical science major for the Teacher Education Program for secondary level certification. The program seeks to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for admission to professional schools in the health fields, for admission to graduate study in chemistry, for admission to the teaching profession, or for careers as chemists in industry. Students completing the Baccalaureate degree in chemistry should: 1. Compare favorably in their knowledge of undergraduate chemistry with those students completing a similar program nationally or statewide, 2. Possess the skills necessary for employment in industry, 3. Possess the skills necessary to remain current in their field.

The Chemistry program provides financial assistance in the form of four-year scholarships to students who desire to major in chemistry or physical science. Upon enrollment at ETBU the student must declare a major in chemistry on the B.S. degree, or a major in physical science on the B.S.E. degree. For additional information concerning the scholarships or to request an application package, please contact the program director at:
Dr. Don Spencer, Director
East Texas Baptist University       
One Tiger Drive
Marshall, TX 75670