Welcome to the History and Political Science Department

We hope you'll take a moment to look around.  You can learn about the department from the perspective of faculty, alumni, and current students

What Can I Do with a History Degree from ETBU?

A lot more than you might think.  Our rigorous and personalized programs prepare students to compete with graduates from much larger institutions.  We also strive to offer courses that push students to develop critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that are essential in many career fields. 

Our Mission

The faculty seek to foster students' competence and understanding in the disciplines of history and political science through a Christian World View.  We therefore emphasize the study of the global human past, the institutions and traditions of law, government and politics, and the interaction of humans and the environment.  By balancing courses in history and political science with speech communication, English, mathematics, and other courses outside the department, students gain the broad education necessary to begin a lifetime of service to one's community and pursue success in a variety of careers


Our students can earn one of nine degrees that prepare them for work in a variety of fields

Core Values:

 Faculty of the History and Political Science Department affirm these core values…

1. Community Engagement - We will prepare our students in the tradition of the liberal arts to engage their communities as well-informed, thoughtful, and responsible citizens, church members, and coworkers.  

2. Christian Identity - We will help our students gain an understanding of the importance of their Christian identity as they develop an appreciation for their place in the global community.  

3. Life-Long Learning - We will equip our students with a foundational understanding of World and U.S. history and the skills necessary to navigate the increasingly information rich world in which we live so that they can be empowered, effective and enthusiastic life-long learners. 

4. Holistic Education - We will promote an open learning environment for our students by encouraging appropriate educational opportunities inside and outside of the classroom setting and by providing opportunities for students and faculty to partner in service.   

5. Academic Excellence - We will maintain high academic and ethical standards to ensure value of our students’ degrees as they seek employment or further education. 


Get to know some of our graduates.  We'll feature a different alum every semester.

Donny Seals - B.A. History 2000

 Donny is the chair of the History and Government Department at Kilgore College in Kilgore TX.  He currently lives in Marshall with his wife, Amanda, who is also an ETBU alum, and their two children.  See Donny's advice for current ETBU history majors or for those considering a history degree.