Welcome home.

We know how hard it is leaving home. We know finding a college is hard. We know how expensive it is. Here at the School of Fine Arts at East Texas Baptist University, you are more than just a student or a musician. You are family; this is your home away from home.

Why should I go to ETBU? Yes, we are small --- and we like it! We know you will, too. With one-on-one individualized treatment from professors, faculty, staff, conductors, and directors, no student is left out. Our wonderful faculty and staff not only care about you academically, but your spiritual, physical, and emotional growth is of utmost importance. At ETBU, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ; join the family!

That's awesome but how can I pay for it? ETBU awards over 16 million dollars in scholarships and grants. With the financial assistance ETBU can provide, your out-of-pocket expense can be surprisingly affordable. Over 90% of ETBU students receive financial aid! Good academic records in high school or good ACT/SAT scores will help you get scholarships from academics alone. (See those here!) Do you demonstrate Christian leadership? You can even get money for that here.



Transfer student? There are scholarships just for you here! Your music audition alone can earn you money, too! The School of Fine Arts combines scholarships from the Music Department, academics, grants, loans, external scholarships, or whatever else you receive into one scholarship package. You might be surprised how affordable ETBU is if you apply for everything you can and do your best in school and your audition!

Where do I start?
First of all, apply to East Texas Baptist University. Then, fill out an audition form. Once you've done those two things, you're good to go! We look forward to hearing from you and we will contact you as soon as we are able.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. Let's start this journey together!