The Faculty and Staff of the School of Business are committed to each student so that everyone understands the “big picture.” Then the student, in turn, is able see where he or she fits and can be prepared to enter that professional field with confidence. Each faculty member oversees the students as an advisor in the respective areas of Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Management, and Marketing. That way each student’s study program can be “customized” to the student’s strengths and interests.

To make the classroom instruction as effective as possible, professionals from the various disciplines are invited to speak in the classes. Here they interact with the students and relate how they function in their respective business roles. Field Trips are also added to the students’ learning experience. As they visit local companies they see “business in action” and observe how professionals function in the real business world. Then, to make it even more experiential, internships are recruited to fit the particular student. This gives the students an opportunity to experience their discipline first hand and further prepare them to enter their careers successfully.

Here you can see the various Concentrations and Minors the students can pursue within the Business Administration Major. Students often include a Concentration and a Minor, or possibly two Minors, in their program. These Minors may be selected from the following Business Minors or from other disciplines, such as Communications, Religion, Kinesiology, Leadership, Public Relations , or others.

Concentrations and Minors