Scholarship Thank You Letter Requirements

If you received an endowed scholarship you are required to write a Donor Thank-You letter. Listed below are the guidelines you must follow.

When coming to write your note, here are some ideas that you might want to include:

  • A word of thanks telling how grateful you are for the scholarship
  • Introduce yourself
  • State your major
  • How you plan to use your major after graduation
  • If you are a first generation college student
  • Some goals for the year (even simple goals such as study hard or make all A’s are great.)

If your scholarship has been renewed, think about these things:

  • Share your genuine appreciation.
  • Give two highlights from the previous year.
  • Tell how the scholarship continues to benefit you.
  • Brad Mashburn will be overseeing the note writing. You will need to make sure your notes are written with your neatest handwriting and best grammar. Brad will proof your note to make sure it is ready to be sent out.

All students receiving an endowed scholarship will be expected to attend our annual scholarship luncheon with their donor. You will receive an invitation in the spring for this event. There is no cost to you for this event, but mark your calendar!

If you have any questions about note writing or the scholarship luncheon, contact Brad Mashburn at (903) 923-2043 or