Service Learning and Practicum

The stated purpose of East Texas Baptist University is "the development of intellectual inquiry, social consciousness, wellness, skills for a contemporary society, global awareness, and Christian character." The Behavioral Sciences Department believes that Service Learning and Practicums are good ways to measure how well students have developed in these areas. In essence, it is a working-world test.

Service Learning and Practicum Course Objectives include:

1. To integrate theoretical knowledge and practical skills while learning to work in an applied setting.

2. To gain a better understanding of community helping systems.

3. To clarify vocational interest by learning to differentiate among the many different types of tasks performed by various professional persons providing human services in the community.

4. The Service Learning and Practicum experience also provides invaluable help to the community through volunteer assistance.

The experience that students gain from participating in Service Learning and Practicum projects is invaluable and faculty strongly recommend that each of our students enroll in a service learning or practicum course.

At ETBU, we differentiate service learning from practicum by the level of involvement the student brings their education to the site. A student may well be only engaged with clerical tasks in a service learning project. However, a student in a practicum setting is expected to use their (college) education in the performance of their assigned task. For example, a student in a practicum may be called upon to perform statistical analysis or use clinical skills during an intake.

For more information on service learning and practicums, or to provide information for opportunities for service learning and practicum students, please contact Dr. Mark Miller -