Law Enforcement Academic Alternative

Get more information about this exciting opportunity to earn a four year degree and become a licensed peace officer with Texas:



The goal of the Peace Officer Training program at ETBU is to develop faithful servants of Christ who will provide public safety services to the communities they serve. Successful students will be able to complete all the requirements of a traditional police academy while also completing a four year university Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.

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Why Join the Peace Officer Training Program?LEAA_Logo.png

  1. Earn a four year college degree and become a licensed police officer.
  2. Intern with an agency for 2 months, possibly allowing immediate entry into a job.
  3. Join a service elite. 

There are several careers you can pursue within law enforcement and public safety. Are you ready serve God and Country?

The ETBU Peace Officer Training Program exceeds State licensing requirements in...

  • Physical Fitness Training
  • Firearms Training
  • Tactical Survival Skills Training
  • Criminal Investigation Skills
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
  • Incident Reconstruction
  • Major Incident Command
  • Counter Terrorism
  • On-the-job Internship training opportunities.  

Entry Requirements:

Students who have completed 60 semester hours may apply for the LEAA program. In addition, they must meet the minimum enrollment requirements for training as a Texas Peace Officer determined by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Please see the TCOLE website for a list of requirements.

Are you an ETBU student with less than 60 hours? Check out our Peace Officer Training Corps where you can participate in physical and skills training before you're eligible to apply for the LEAA Program.

Would you like to help financially support the LEAA program at ETBU? If so, please visit our University Advancement web page.

Find out more about the Criminal Justice Program at ETBU and other concentrations offered.

Attention Athletes! If you are an ETBU athlete, the LEAA Program is a great opportunity for you. Once you have met the entry requirements, the LEAA Coordinator can work with your athletic schedule to make sure you are able to complete all of the training hours for the LEAA program.

Do you already have an Associate's Degree from another college? Once you are admitted to ETBU as a transfer student, you may be able to immediately begin the LEAA program.

Questions? E-mail us at leaa@etbu.edu.