Welcome to the Division of Modern Languages! Our instructors will guide you in many different aspects of your chosen language. Not only will you learn to comprehend, speak, read, and write the language, but you will gain further insight into the cultural patterns of its native speakers.

Our courses not only meet graduation requirements, but they also give you the skills you need to pursue careers in teaching, church ministry, business, law, health professions, law enforcement, and many other countless situations. We give our best effort to make courses practical and to prepare you to use language skills in any chosen career.

As one of our students, you will have easy access to a well-equipped language laboratory that will allow you to practice speaking and listening skills. We also give you the opportunity to study abroad in Mexico, Spain, and other Spanish-speaking countries. And if you excel in Spanish Language studies, you may choose to become a member of our Sigma Delta Pi campus chapter.

Contact us today and learn how you can benefit from a major or minor in the Division of Modern Languages.




Director of Modern Languages

Linda_Tiger_small.jpgDr. Linda Prewett

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Chair of Languages & Literature

Splawn_profile_2.jpgDr. David Splawn
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Department of Languages and Literature
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