Humanities Awards Ceremony 2017

School of Humanities - Awards Ceremony - 2016-2017

10 A.M. Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Photo & Award Information:

(1) Dr. Ellis Purdie (English professor) chats with students before the ceremony.
(2) Dr. Sandy Hoover (Chair of History & Political Science) reads from the program.
(3) Dr. Jerry Summers (Dean of Humanities) gives a brief introduction.
(4) Dr. Hoover presents Joshua Broussard with the Promise Award for History.
(5) Dr. Hoover presents Naomi Switzer with a personalized Bible for the Leadership Award in History.
(6) Isaac McTaggart received the Outstanding Research and Writing Award along with a deluxe personalized Bible. (not pictured)
(7) Katy Phipps is presented with the Bellew/Walton History Scholarship by Dr. Hoover.
(8) Dr. Jenny Hoover (History professor) presents the new Phi Alpha Theta members (Samantha Busby, William Danford [not pictured], Katy Phipps, Naomi Switzer, and Abby Weaver) with their certificates.
(9) Dr. Israel Nandamudi (Political Science professor) holds the Promise Award for Political Science with Andrew Franklin.
(10) Dr. Nandamudi gives McKayla Hendrix the Leadership Award for Political Science along with a personalized Bible.
(11) Dr. Nandamudi recognizes his Model UN students: Connor Mason, Ryan Pearce, Charles Quigley, Zachary Smithee, and (not pictured) Joshua Boyd, Catherine Clawson, Sara Corley, Terry Couvillion, and Chad Herring.
(12) Dr. Summers gives Aubrey Muckleroy the Promise Award in International Studies.
(13) Samantha Busby is presented with a personalized Bible and the Leadership Award in International Studies by Dr. Summers.
(14) Dr. David Splawn (Chair of the Languages and Literature Department) holds the Albert F. and Sophronia Winham Ramsey Memorial English Scholarship presented to Gabrielle Henley.
(15) Ashley Dunnehoo was awarded the Dr. Lois Phillip Ware English Scholarship. (not pictured)
(16) Kyleigh Oney is presented with the Thomas and Mary Cook Endowed Scholarship by Dr. Splawn.
(17) Sarah Johnson is introduced as a new member of Sigma Tau Delta and awarded first place for her prose piece, "Keeping Hazel Alive" in the Era Miller Writing contest.
(18) Brooklen Butler receives first for her poetry piece "One Day", and second in prose for her pieces, "Momma's Flowers" and "Being a Runner".
(19) Sarah Smitherman is awarded second place in poetry for "My Words are Important Too", and third place in prose for "A Letter to My Little Sister."
(20) Dr. Zachary Beck (English professor & Honors program director) presents Sarah Johnson with the Outstanding English Student Award.
(21) Mr. Jose Alonzo (Spanish professor) stands with the Outstanding Spanish Student, Rolando Vargas, and the Outstanding First Year Spanish Student, Joseph Bruner.
(22) Elizabeth Smith-Field was presented an Outstanding English Student award on April 24 in the Academic Awards Ceremony. (not pictured)