History and Political Science Faculty


Dr. Jerry Summers

Dean of the School of Humanities
Professor of History

WEB_Summers_01_sm.jpgB.A. - Baylor University - 1976

M.Div. - The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - 1979

Ph.D. - The University of North Texas - 1990

A native Californian, Dr. Summers has taught at East Texas Baptist University since 1991.  Presently he is Dean of the School of Humanities.  Summers has published  in Fides et Historia, The Christian Scholar’s Review, Teaching History, and Texas Baptist Historical Journal.  His research and writing relate to his teaching and to the history of medieval and early modern Europe, China, the Baptists, and twentieth-century European Jewish thought.

Named the Sam B. Hall, Jr., Professor of History in 1993, Summers wrote the biography Sam B. Hall, Jr.:  Whatever is Right (2005). Hall (1924-1994), a Marshall, Texas, native, College of Marshall graduate and an attorney, served in the U.S. House of Representatives (1976-1985), and as a federal district court judge from 1985 until his death in 1994. 

Dr. Sandy Hoover

Chair of the History & Political Science Department
Associate Professor of History



American West / Native American, Latin America

B.A. History -  Southeastern Oklahoma State University - '01

M.A. History -  Oklahoma State University - '03

Ph.D. History  -  Texas Tech University - '08

I try to build my classes so that anyone who is intentional about his or her learning can succeed. I believe that students must be voluntary and active participants in the learning process for true intellectual growth to occur. It is important to remember that student learning and intellectual growth do not always equate to A’s, although often they do, particularly over time. I am so proud of the students who may feel overwhelmed at the beginning of the semester, but persevere and seek out help, from ACE, from librarians, from other students, or from me, and meet the challenges of University-level work head on. I am even more blessed when I see those students, over four years, develop into questioning, thinking, curious life-long learners.

Dr. Jerry Hopkins

Professor of History


B.A. -  Eastern Kentucky University - '68

M.A. -  Eastern Kentucky University - '69

Ph.D. -  University of Kentucky - '86


Dr. Jerry Hopkins serves on the ETBU faculty as Professor of History. Dr. Hopkins’ research and work with the Billy Graham Center Archives enriched his understanding of both evangelical and non-evangelical traditions. Dr. Hopkins’ research and writing has focused on social, religious, political and moral problems, including racism. 



Dr. Israel Nandamudi

Professor of Political Science


 B.A. - Andra University, Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh, India - 1980


M.A. - Andra University, Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh, India - 1983


Ph.D. - Washington State University - 1998





Dr. Jenny Hoover

Adjunct Instructor of History and Geography

Jenny_02_sm.jpgB.A. - University of Texas at Tyler - '01

M.A. - Texas Tech University - '02

Ph.D. - Texas Tech University - '09

Dr. Jenny Hoover currently serves as an adjunct history and geography instructor, offering classes in World Civilizations, 20th century Europe and United States, and World Geography.