Snow Day…Snow MONTH!!!

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So East Texas had a very unusual spring in that we had tons of snow on several different days.  On Friday, February 12, we had a massive snow storm (in Texas terms at least).  Naturally, classes were canceled because the roads were horrible.  All of the local news outlets were encouraging people to stay indoors unless driving is absolutely necessary.  So naturally I got in my Yukon and headed to ETBU to see the snow!  I recorded this video while driving around campus:

Students came out in huge numbers as well.  Students were doing everything from building snowmen to snowball fighting to sliding down the hill behind Mabee housing Complex.  A group of students (pictured below) even went to the football field and, using a wakeboard, began “snowboarding” down the hills!

To see more shots of students having fun on Snow Days click here!

In Texas, we do have a lot of fun in the sun, but this spring, we had a ton of fun in the SNOW!!  How about that Texas weather!?!

Though it would seem appropriate to say ‘Go White!’, we’ll just end this post with, Go Blue!!