ETBU Grad Named Region VII Elementary Teacher of the Year. Again!

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It is a pretty amazing thing to be named the Elementary Educator of the Year at some point in your teaching career, but for ETBU grad (BSE ’97, ME ’12) Sharone Woolen, it has become a regularity.

Sharone, a 4th Grade social studies teacher at Robert E. Lee Elementary School, for the second year in a row earned that honor, and will also represent Region 7 as its nominee for the 2013 Texas Teacher of the Year.

“I was excited when I was nominated for the district, but when I opened the letter saying I will represent the region in Austin, that was huge,” she said. “There are just so many schools in our region alone, so it is just such an honor.”

Born and raised in Marshall, she is a 1993 graduate of Marshall High School, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from ETBU in 1997, and in April 2012, she receive her Master of Education in Curriculum Instruction, also from ETBU, and graduated May 2012.

How does she do it?  She said she is a different type of teacher in that she enjoys singing, dancing and even rapping with her students.

“I think when people walk by my room they wonder what is going on in there,” she said. “You never know– at any given moment I could just stop and say let’s dance. So it was very lively in my room.”
“It is about getting away from the worksheet and the textbook,” she said. “If I am bored teaching, I can’t imagine how my students feel. I always tell my students you can learn and have fun at the same time.”

What an accomplishment!  We are SO proud to have Sharone in the Tiger Family!  Way to go!  GO BLUE!!

Click here for the ETBU Press release.