Departmental Audition

When does ETBU hold auditions?

Auditions and interviews for admittance into the Department of Theatre Arts are typically scheduled as part of Tiger Day activities.  However, special arrangements will be made if a prospective student cannot attend on those dates.  Please keep in mind that our faculty is rarely on campus during the summer months; please schedule your audition in conjunction with the ETBU academic year.

What do you require for auditions?

All students should bring a current headshot (or a recent photo) and a résumé detailing prior theatre experience to the audition.

For Performers:

Auditions for program entry consist of two contrasting monologues of approximately one minute each and an informal interview with the faculty.  Prospective students should select one contemporary monologue and one classical monologue (Greek, Roman, Elizabethan, Jacobean, and Restoration plays are all acceptable).  We ask that students audition with pieces from published plays, not with work from television, film, or original compositions.  Optional: Students who can sing should prepare approximately sixteen bars from a Broadway musical.  Please bring your sheet music as an accompanist will be provided.

For Designers and Technicians:

Interviews for program entry consist of a portfolio and/or promptbook presentation.  We suggest that the portfolio include photographs of your work on set construction, painting, props, costumes, or lighting as well as any drawings, sketches, drafting, or renderings you completed.  Those students with stage management experience should present their promptbook and photographs of the production.

For Minors and Non-Majors:

No formal audition is required of minors or non-majors.  If you are interested in participating in our productions, we encourage you to audition for the season or schedule an appointment with our faculty to learn more.

How do I contact you to let you know I want to audition?

First, students who wish to audition will need to contact the School of Fine Arts to schedule a date and a time.  Please call 903-923-2158 to set up your appointment.

Second, you will need to fill out an audition form at least two business days prior to your arrival on campus.  If auditioning as a performer, please do not change your chosen monologues after submitting this form. 

Where do you hold auditions?

Auditions and interviews are held in the Jenna Guest Music Building on the ETBU Campus.

Are there scholarships available?

The audition and interview for entry into the program also serve as an application for a theatre arts scholarship if one is available.  Funds are limited, so schedule your audition early.

What are the requirements for a theatre scholarship?

Scholarships are available to select theatre majors (not minors) who successfully audition for admittance to the theatre program and meet the following requirements:

  1. The student must be a theatre major as indicated by official declaration with the registrar.
  2. The student must enroll in specific theatre courses each semester as advised by the assigned faculty advisor or department chair;
  3. The student must participate in all departmental productions each semester as assigned;
  4. The student must earn a grade point average of 3.0 or above in theatre course work for each semester of study;
  5. The student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above for all course study at ETBU;
  6. The student must attend all scheduled department meetings, load-ins, workdays, and strikes; exceptions may be made for conflicts approved in advance by faculty and department chair.

Theatre Department scholarships are awarded in consideration of and in conjunction with the selected student’s overall financial aid package at the time they apply to the University.  Scholarships are not awarded to students after they have matriculated at ETBU, so please audition prior to enrolling in the University. 

When will I know if I made it?

Following the audition/interview, the faculty will jointly decide whether to admit the student, admit the student under provisional acceptance, or deny the student admittance to the program.  Students are notified via email and a letter sent to their permanent address within two weeks of the audition.