B.M. Piano Performance Major

Semester by Semester Plans

The Piano Performance major prepares students who desire to perform professionally or who wish to pursue graduate degrees in piano performance or piano pedagogy. This degree also provides a solid foundation for students who ultimately desire to teach applied piano either in a private studio or in a collegiate setting. This degree will not adequately prepare students to pass the state teacher certification exam. Students who have a strong interest in piano performance, pedagogy or accompanying are strongly encouraged to choose the Piano Performance major.


General Education Requirements[30]
      English 1301, 1302 plus 3 hours sophomore literature [9]
      Religion 1320 and 1330 [6]
      History [3]
      Physical Activity (KINE 1238) [2]
      Science (must be a lab science) [4]
      Mathematics 1300, 1342, 1314, 1316, 2301 or 2313 [3]
      Speech 1311 [3]
Major Area of Study[78]
Basic Musicianship[28]
      MUSI 1000 Recital (six (6) semesters) [0]
      MUSI 1116 and 1117 Elementary Ear Training [2]
      MUSI 1311 and 1312 Elementary Harmony I, II [6]
      MUSI 2116 and 2117 Advanced Ear Training I, II [2]
      MUSI 2312 Advanced Harmony [3]
      MUSI 3203 20th Century Analytical Techniques [2]
      MUSI 3212 Scoring and Arranging [2]
      MUSI 3213 Introduction to Music [2]
      MUSI 3303 Form and Analysis [3]
      MUSI 4301 and 4302 Music History I, II [6]
Applied Study/Performance[34]
      Applied Concentration (twenty-four (24) semester hours)
      Secondary Performance Study (three (3) semester hours)
      Music Laboratory (performance ensembles for seven (7) semesters)
Piano Performance Major[14]
      MUSI 3105 Piano Accompanying [1]
      MUSI 3106 Chamber Ensembles for Piano [1]
      MUSI 3308 Techniques and Materials for Class Piano [3]
      MUSI 3310 Piano Pedagogy [3]
      MUSI 3311 and 3312 Piano Literature I, II [6]
      MUSI 3040 Junior Piano Recital [0]
      MUSI 4040 Senior Piano Recital [0]
Music Electives[2]
Electives/Additional hours (to total 120 hours)[12]
LEAD 1111 Learning and Leading
Total: One hundred twenty (120) Semester Hours

A complete description of Music Majors and Minors and course descriptions are available online in the current ETBU catalog.

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