M.Ed. College and University Leadership

The M.Ed. in College and University Leadership will give students a broad experience in higher
education administration and leadership. Students will be prepared to accept entry level administrative positions at community colleges and universities.

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  • 30 course hours
  • 8-week courses
  • Online courses
  • 18-month program

Course Overview

The following required courses, successfully completed, lead to a Master of Education College and University Leadership.

Required Courses:

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HIED 5301 Governance, Administration, and Leadership
This course examines organizational theories, models, policies, and cultures; external and internal governance and management processes; leadership theories and practices; critical roles and responsibilities; and principal administrative functions affecting various college and university administrative and instructional units.
HIED 5302 Higher Education Law and Finance
This course examines case law on issues of access, student rights, employment, church and state, private sector, liability, academic freedom, and civil rights. Additionally, this course examines revenue, fund-raising and development, types of expenditures, tuition and financial aid policies, budgeting and accounting practices.
HIED 5303 Christian Servant Leadership
This course is designed to prepare the student for effective leadership in his/her profession by introducing key aspects of servant leadership from research literature and from Scripture. The student will be challenged not only to understand the key ideas associated with servant leadership but also to apply those ideas to his/her own life and to differentiate between a biblical approach to servant leadership and a secular approach.
HIED 5304 Philosophy and Trends in Higher Education
This course provides a history of the U.S. system of higher education through an overview of that system and its scope, a survey of the philosophical missions and purposes served by U.S. colleges and universities, and an investigation of some of the pressing policy questions and emerging practice issues confronting these institutions.
HIED 5305 Fundamentals of Educational Research and Institutional Assessment
This course introduces students to quantitative and qualitative methods for conducting meaningful inquiry, research, and assessment in higher education. Students will focus on research intent and design, methodology and technique, format and presentation, data management, and evaluation informed by commonly used statistical and qualitative methods.
HIED 5306 Teaching and Learning: Strategies for Student Success
This course consists of an examination of various teaching methods and learning strategies for the college student. An examination of adult learning styles, assessment methods, and differentiation of instruction for all students is emphasized.
HIED 5307 Student Affairs Leadership
This course is an overview of basic functions and professional issues in student affairs work. Pertinent concepts of administration and student development are introduced. The functions of and relationships between various student services departments are discussed with special emphasis given to institutional policies, planning, and coordination to support housing and dining, recreation services, activities and organizations, and career services.
HIED 5308 The Community College
This course is designed to familiarize students with one of the largest segments of higher education. Topics include, but are not limited to, governance, history of the community college, community college finance, and community college legal policy.
HIED 5309 Enrollment Management: Recruitment and Retention
Students will examine strategic enrollment management processes, financial aid, diversity issues, and methods to align marketing and recruitment efforts with institutional mission and goals. The course also emphasizes the importance of the partnership between academic affairs and student affairs in developing retention strategies.
HIED 5310 Academic Leadership
This course will focus on the academic structure and leadership of the university. Students will examine challenges and opportunities in developing and enhancing undergraduate, graduate, and non-traditional programs that support institutional missions.