Religion Program Requirements


Religion Student Objectives

The Department of Religion seeks to accomplish the following:

  • To equip students with the ability to articulate a general knowledge of the contents of the Bible.
  • To equip ministry students with the information and skills necessary for them to excel academically, vocationally, and professionally.

Religion Student Requirements

1.  A student must complete all Departments of Religion general education courses with a "C" or higher for each course.

2.  A student must receive credit for RLGN 1000, Religion Seminar, for each semester that he/she is a religion major.

3.  A student must receive credit for RLGN 1001, Religion Service Learning, for each academic year (any semester within an academic year is designated as an academic year) that he/she is a religion major.

4.  A Student must successfully complete RLGN 4350, Internship in Religion, during his/her senior year at ETBU.

5.  A student must maintain a cumulative 2.25 grade point average (i.e., GPA).

6.  A student must have a 2.50 GPA for all coursework within the Department of Religion.

7.  If a student falls below the levels listed in numbers 5 and 6, he/she must retake courses to raise his/her GPA.

8.  No student may graduate with a major in Religion with less than a 2.50 GPA in his/her major courses.