Identity & Christian Servant Leadership

Begin this emphasis with incoming students for Fall 2009.

Focus Group
for the QEP:
Religion Majors

Director of the QEP
John L. Harris, Ph.D.
Dean of the School of Christian Studies

Christian Servant Leadership Definition

Christian Servant Leadership is defined as encouraging, influencing, and inspiring others through selfless acts of service that are motivated by an attitude that has an inward awareness of one's identity, an outward concern of the needs of others, and an upward focus upon Christ that produces a desire to model the Christian life in order to benefit a person, person, or community.

Ten Characteristics of Servant Leadership

                                      Building Community

Commitment to the Growth of People

ETBU QEP Student-Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate growth in identity.  This student-learning outcome addresses attitudes and values.
  • Students will demonstrate comprehension of the principles of Christian servant leadership.  This student learning addresses knowledge.
  • Students will demonstrate an integration of a developed identity and the principles of Christian servant leadership in a service-learning setting.  This student-learning outcome addresses skills and behaviors.