The Story of the Ring

East Texas Baptist University was founded on October 22, 1912 as the College of Marshall. As the college grew and more students came to the campus, the college was granted permission by the Baptist General Convention of Texas to become a four-year college. In 1944 the name of the school was changed to East Texas Baptist College. On June 1, 1984, due to a charter revision, East Texas Baptist College was officially renamed East Texas Baptist University.

ring_top.jpgThe top view of the ring is the official University seal. Inscribed around the top of the seal are the words ‘Seal of East Texas Baptist University’ and along the bottom of the seal are the words Marshall, Texas MCMXII (1912). Inscribed in the center of the seal are the Latin words ‘VERITAS’, ‘MORES and ‘SCIENTIA. These words, Truth, Character, and Knowledge, are core values of East Texas Baptist University which we strive to achieve.


The depiction of Marshall Hall and the Light on the Hill represent the two most significant pieces of history and tradition at ETBU. Marshall Hall, built in 1916, is the oldest ring_side_BSE.jpgbuilding on campus and the only one in which every student has passed through. The Light on the Hill, installed in 1932, stands in the center of campus as a symbol of the enduring guidance, knowledge, and truth of ETBU. The light is a reflection of the schools commitment of integrating academic discipline with faith in Jesus Christ. Both historic structures are a symbol of the rich history and culture that have influenced ETBU over the last 100 years.

The year 1912 is inscribed under Marshall Hall and the Light on the Hill and symbolizes the foundation for the University and our strong Christian faith. Marshall Hall, the Light on the Hill and the University’s charter year, are all declarations of the enduring commitment and devotion that all alumni have towards their Alma Matter.


The opposite side depicts the five symbols that most represent what East Texas Baptist University stands for.

The CROSS represents our Christian faith and our love for Jesus Christ.

The BOOK represents the highest commitment we have toward academic excellence and our goal to integrate faith and learning.

The PINE AND THE OAK represents our heritage and the long standing traditions we hold so dear. They are symbols of strength and longevity. They have been here since man walked on this Hill and are a reminder of the lasting influence ETBU has, and will always have, on the hearts and lives of the alumni it touches.

The WORLD represents our love of world missions and the hope that ETBU alumni will touch the lives of people around the globe.

The TIGER PAW is a symbol of our strength and power. It represents our school spirit and a is a reminder to all that we will forever and always be the ETBU Tigers!

Tradition is something that we all strive for here at East Texas Baptist University. During our college career, here on the Hill, we have learned past traditions and created a few of our own to pass on to the next generation of Tigers. Currently, our campus is in the process of introducing a new tradition that will not only stay alive here on campus, but it will live forever with you in your daily lives. The new, redesigned ETBU class ring will be a constant reminder of our shared memories and years here on the Hill. The ring will not only show that a piece of our heart that is dedicated to the traditions, Christian environment, and teachings of our university, but it will also allow the Light on the Hill to continue to shine where ever we go. May the traditions stay alive and the light never die!

To order your ring, please contact;

Gregg McDonald
Herff Jones College Division
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