What Students Are Saying



General Impressions

"The program is like a big family."
"I expected that a community of learners was just a cliche that never really happened in an authentic way, but we really do learn from and with each other."
"Absolutely wonderful. Intellectually stimulating, personally challenging, and spiritually enlightening."
"I am now much more comfortable with uncomfortable questions." 

Other Scholars

"Joy in study and life."
"This program far exceeded my expectations with the close community of students we have."
"We all love honest discussion and actively seek it."
"I admire the intelligence, humility, and excitement towards learning that the scholars possess."

Honors classes

"The discussion and small classes are great!"
"Everyone is down to earth and gets treated with respect and dignity."
"It exposed me to new ideas and beliefs that I wouldn't have come across otherwise. The conversations have humbled and changed me."
"I thoroughly enjoyed World Literature and its integration of faith and learning. Whether it was a Greek epic or a modernist work we always consider Christianity within the text."
"The classes are spot on. They are challenging and force you to think for yourself. The activities are extremely fun but educational at the same time!"

Co-curricular activitiesIMG_6756_1.JPG

"The Caddo trip was very fun, and it really helped getting to know the others in the program."
"The Museum of Biblical Art and Passion of St. Matthew concert introduced me to areas of the arts that I had never fully experienced. I have listened to classical music and seen paintings, but in the context of the scholars program I learned about the arts with other like-minded and curious students."
"I appreciate the extra activities that require us to dress professionally and engage with speakers. Such activities train us to interact outside the everday college atmosphere."
"My two favorite activities were the group reading of Barabbas and the trip to Caddo Lake. The group reading was enlightening because it allowed me to consider other people's viewpoints. The trip to Caddo allowed me to get to know the scholars on a personal level."

For students who are unsure if they want to be a scholar

“Great opportunity to grow intellectually and spiritually!”
“Do it! You make friends you will have for the rest of your life.”
“Go for it! It is so worth it! You get incredible professors, thought provoking classes, and such intelligent friends. Those elements together really help you to become a mature thinker.”
“Do it. It is such an amazing experience with amazing people. Yes, you are challenged to think deeper, but you realize just how much you can really do. The professors believe in you as well and will help you with anything.”