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Biology offers programs of study with a major and minor in biology. A life science major is available for the Teacher Education Program for secondary-level certification. A BS degree in Public Health is also available for students who wish to become public health practitioners who can promote health, both locally and globally. Biology also serves other academic disciplines by providing biological knowledge and skills needed in those areas.

Biology is committed to teaching the fundamental skills and techniques of biology, exploring how biology as a science is a way of knowing about life, instilling a desire for further study in biology, and integrating science and the Christian faith.

Students who major in biology will:

  1. Compare favorably in their knowledge of biological terms and concepts with those students completing a similar program statewide and nationwide.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the scientific method through understanding of biological concepts and acquisition of laboratory skills.
  3. Develop a world-view that incorporates biology.

Biology provides financial assistance in the form of four-year scholarships for B.S. biology majors or B.S.E. Composite Science majors. Students who desire to teach science in the public schools or wish to pursue careers in environmental studies are given high priority.

 Contact Information

For additional information concerning the scholarships or to request an application package please contact the department chair: