Leadership Team

The BSM offers various ministries to provide students and local churches the opportunity to serve and be served. The purpose of BSM and our ministry teams is three-fold:  Exalt the Lord, Equip the Laity, and Evangelize the lost. Application and selection for BSM Leadership happens during the Fall semester each year. We are always open to starting new ministry teams.

For a detailed description and more information concerning and participating in these ministries contact these leaders:

The Director

Mark Yates - 903-923-2340 - myates@etbu.edu

The Intern

Lerinda Baham - 903-923-2341 - lbaham@etbu.edu


Barnabas Ministry is all about Encouragement. We encourage our professors, workers, and students through Prayer, encouraging notes, and Fellowship.


Charge exists to accomplish Acts 1:8 and aspects of discipleship among many other things. To accomplish this we work through disciple now weekends and other outreach ministries in local churches.


Image is a performance-based ministry using sign language and drama to bring glory to God.

Journey Coordinators

Journey is a small-group based ministry for freshmen and incoming transfers.

Sign-up is at the beginning of every Fall semester.

Kid's Club

Kid's Club is a ministry to the children living in some of the lower income housing in Marshall. We play with and minister to the kids with the hope that they will allow God to reshape their lives, and more than anything else, that they will see what Christ's love is like through our example!

Life Group Coordinator

LifeGroups are about getting together with a group of people and living life. It could be hanging out in the caf during lunch and sharing what's going on in life. It could be meeting up at What-A-Burger and talking about what the Lord is doing in your life. It could mean finding an on-campus organization to meet up with and help out.


Our missions group seeks ways to connect God's heart and purpose for the nations with students' day to day lives. We as Christians are called to live missionally, incorporating God's "Great Commission" into every aspect of our lives. As a group we organize means for students to be aware of mission sending organizations, community service involvement, the necessity of pray and financial support, and being on call 24/7. Two of our logistical goals are to raise funds for students' summer missions and to lead two missions focused chapels, one in the fall and one in the spring, to share your opportunities to serve and support and send you out as you go. Missions team is one way to plug yourself into an organization that seeks to serve and impact locally and globally.

Publicity Ministry

It is our goal as a ministry to be servants by helping to publicize all the ministries that are a part of our BSM. We serve our BSM in ways such as slide shows, web design, photography, flyers, videos and news letters. It is our job to publicize and get the word out about all our ministries and what they have to offer.


Release is the BSM's weekly worship service that is open to the entire campus. From 8 to 9 p.m. every Tuesday night, students are invited to come before the throne of God and release all of the worries, fears, hurts, and confusions that this world forces them to carry. Through music and the Word, students can focus on and praise the one who has the power to bring them out of their hurts and into "rich fulfillment" (Psalms 66:12).

Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry is a community of young women who desire true community through Bible study, prayer, service projects, and just pure fun. Our goal is to love Jesus and each other with everything we do.