BSMxLogox1x1x.jpgWelcome to the BSM!

The Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) is an organization for students led by students. The main purpose of the BSM is to help students know Christ and make Him known. Students can accomplish this through discipleship, servant leadership, ministry and mission. Journey is a new student Bible study during the fall semester where you join other students in a family group for discipleship and fellowship. Each semester there are opportunities to change lives through local ministry and missions.

We feel that it is vitally important to provide unique and diverse opportunities for believers to minister to the campus, the surrounding community, and the world. The BSM is not and will never be a substitute for the local church. Instead, we are supplementary, a tool to be used to aid the church by equipping students.

You can also find us on Facebook - Tiger BSM. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


Mark Yates (Director):  903-923-2340

Fax: 903-927-4448