Curriculum - Courses

The Master of Arts in Counseling is a 48-credit program in which six hours may be earned by completing an applied practicum required for state licensure. The degree will provide opportunity for intensive study and training in a variety of approaches to counseling. Many students will work during graduate training - either in the field or otherwise - and the program is designed with that in mind. Both online and on-campus classes are integrated into the curriculum to allow for in-depth training and growth while providing an accelerated format.

In order to complete the program curriculum and be eligible for taking the state-required counseling exam for eventual licensure, you will complete the following courses:

PSYC 5312: Lifespan Development (3)

PSYC 5301: Theories of Psychotherapy (3)

PSYC 5316: Advanced Psychopathology (3)

PSYC 5321: Research Design and Program Evaluation (3)

PSYC 5330: Professional Issues and Ethics for Practice (3)

PSYC 5309: Introduction to Assessment (3)

PSYC 5327: Sociocultural Factors for Counseling Professionals (3)

PSYC 5303: Techniques in Psychotherapy (3)

PSYC 5305: Group Psychotherapy (3)

PSYC 6307: Behavior Modification (3)

PSYC 6305: Career Counseling Across the Lifespan (3)

PSYC 6351: Evidence-Based Practices of Faith Integration in Counseling (3)

PSYC 6303: Fundamentals of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (3)

PSYC 6301: Marriage & Family Therapy (3)

PSYC 6313: Counseling Practicum I (3)

PSYC 6315: Counseling Practicum II (3)