Division of Modern Languages

The Division of Modern Languages endeavors to guide the student to speak, comprehend, read and write the studied language, and also to lead the student to further insight into the cultural patterns of the native speakers of that language.

Courses in Modern Languages are offered to meet graduation requirements and to aid in the foreign language skills of students pursuing careers in teaching, church ministry, business, law, health professions, law enforcement and others. Every effort is made to make the courses practical and to prepare the students for use of the skills acquired in any chosen career.

Students have easy access to a well-equipped language laboratory that affords them the opportunity for oral-aural practice. Students are also given the opportunity to study abroad in Spain, Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries. Those students who excel in Spanish Language studies may choose membership in the campus chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, a national honor society.

For additional information, please contact us at:

Department of Languages and Literature
East Texas Baptist University
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(903) 923-2271

Director of Modern Languages- Dr. Linda Prewett


Dr. Annemarie Whaley, Chair

(903) 923-2285