Level 1209 The Volume



You've reached the homepage of the Level 1209 ETBU internet radio station.  We are a student run station, with workers from all academic programs. 

LEVEL 1209 has its humble beginnings back in 2008. The station's name was taken from what was then ETBU's mailing address: 1209 N Grove.

We've got something for everyone, with shows that cater to everyone.  

You want news?  We've got it. Music?  Streaming endlessly between live shows and during show breaks.

Sports and Sports talk?  Oh yeah, we've got sports. 

Feel like listening to something completely random?  We've got it!  

So take a listen.  Click the link below and discover your new favorite station. 

Don't worry, we won't tell your old one.


Click on the link below to listen!