International Events

International Chapel Gallery

Each year - usually in February - one chapel program is entirely dedicated to international students and scholars. The program consists of cultural performances and presentations that inform the ETBU community about our internationals' countries and cultures.


Pictures of Past Fairs

From time to time the International students and scholars host an International Fair for the ETBU and Marshall community. Typically, each country represented has an exhibit of food, artifacts, maps, information, and activities. Some fairs are designed for children; others are for college students or the general public.

First Friday Party Memories

Traditionally, we have a party or other event for all internationals and friends on the first Friday of each month of school. From hanging out at someone's home or bowling to a scavenger hunt or a cookout at the park, it is sure to be a grand time!


International Retreat Memories

Each year ETBU internationals join the internationals from several other universities in Texas and Oklahoma for a weekend retreat. The retreats are usually at a State Park in the area.