Student Teaching



The capstone course for music-education majors is the student-teaching semester wherein student-teachers work directly with area public-school students and teachers.

Student-teachers spend fourteen weeks working with students under the supervision of both their university faculty members and the cooperating teacher at the elementary and secondary schools.

Our Cooperating Teachers include:


  • Susan Crawford, South Marshall Elementary, Marshall ISD
  • Jennifer Smith, Jefferson Elementary, Jefferson ISD
  • Nancy Vines, Robert E. Lee Elementary, Marshall ISD

Secondary Instrumental

  • Dwayne Hubbard, Hallsville High School, Hallsville ISD
  • Nathan Templeton, Gladewater High School, Gladewater ISD

Secondary Vocal

  • Lindsay Steele, Gilmer High School, Gilmer ISD
  • Sandi Parks, Marshall High School, Marshall ISD

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