Master of Arts in Religion Curriculum

Master of Arts in Religion Curriculum

The Master of Arts in Religion is a two-year program focused on preparing students for further theological study and church-related vocations; it consists of 30-31 semester hours in which four hours may be earned by completing a thesis or advanced ministry project. This curriculum provides opportunities for intensive study in Christian scriptures, theology, and ministry at the graduate level. Program candidates will be vocational or dual-vocational ministers who wish to have a firm Biblical underpinning for effective ministry and for those who desire to attain an academic foundation for further graduate study. Students may enter the program during any fall or spring term.

Biblical and Theological Foundations – 12 hours from the following:
• RLGN 5310 The Christian Life in the Letters of Paul
• RLGN 5311 Christianity and Contemporary Culture
• RLGN 5320 Old Testament Theology
• RLGN 5330 New Testament Theology
• RLGN 5331 New Testament Ecclesiology
• RLGN 5340 Peoples, Theology, and Literature of the Ancient Near East and Israel
• RLGN 5341 Biblical Theology

Ministry Foundations – 6 hours from the following:
• RLGN 5350 Leadership and the Educational Ministry of the Church
• RLGN 5355 Spiritual Formation: Scripture, Tradition, and Practice
• MUSI 5360 World Christianity
• HIST  5300 The Baptists
• PSYC 5300 Understanding the Contemporary Mind and Religion

Electives - 12-13 hours from the following:
• Bible and Theology Foundations courses
• Ministry Foundations Courses
• RLGN 6101 Thesis/Ministry Project 1
• RLGN 6301 Thesis/Ministry Project 2*

* RLGN 6301 required the successful completion of a thesis or ministry project report.

Courses are designed to incorporate contemporary research, best practices, and literature from the appropriate discipline and be more advanced in content than undergraduate courses.