The following nine (9) hours are required:

LEAD 2301     Leadership Theory and Practice

LEAD 3301     Leadership Foundations

LEAD 4301     Leadership for the Future

Three (3) hours from the following:

BUAD 3367                 Business and Accounting Ethics

PSYC/SOCI 3301      Seminar on Moral, Ethical, and Religious Issues

RLGN 3352                 Chrisitan Ethics

One (1) from the following:

LEAD 3302     Leadership Internship, 3 hour

LEAD 3302     Leadership Internship, 2 hour

Internships must be in an approved setting that promotes leadership learning opportunities related to the student's major field of study or intended vocation. 

Leadership Elective

Three to four (3-4) hours from the following:

BUAD 3362                 International Business

KINE 3304                  Ropes Course Process

LEAD 1111                 Learning and Leading

MGMT 2350            Principles of Management

MGMT 4353            Organizational Leadership

MGMT 4355            Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

POSC/SPCH 2368       Model U.N.

PSYC/SOCIO 3369      Group Dynamics

SPCH 3303                Small Group Communications

SPCH 3304                Argumentation and Debate

RLGN 3305                Community Ministry

RLGN 4303                Christian Servant Leadership