Guaranteed Tuition Option

Students may choose to participate in the Guaranteed Tuition Option (GTO) which locks in an hourly tuition rate for four years (eight semesters).  Those entering in the 2014-15 school year (Fall 2014/Spring 2015) would lock in at $791 per semester hour.  Initially, you would pay a little more but the tuition would lock in for four academic years.  To remain in the GTO, you must remain enrolled for eight continuous semesters at full-time status (12 or more hours) past the refund schedule period for the term. You may opt out of the GTO at any time and pay the current hourly tuition rate.  However, once you opt out, you may not return to your initial guaranteed amount.

If you would like to take advantage of the Guaranteed Tuition Option (GTO), please check "Yes" below and submit the form.  By choosing "Yes", your billing charges will be set to $791 per semester hour.  For any questions, contact your Admissions Counselor or the Business Office.